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Towards Swachh Telangana...

Prevalence of many diseases and consequent deaths are directly related to poor water quality and lack of sanitation in rural areas as Open Defecation contaminates water. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Link plays a key role on health of the rural community.It is revealed that 88% of diarrhoeal diseases are attributed to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and hygiene. In spite of the best efforts of the Government, the practice of Open Defecation is still a serious issue in the country.


Our Vision and Mission

“To make all villages open defecation free by constructing Individual / Community toilets and overall cleanliness by adopting integrated sanitation to achieve

Swachh Telangana in line with Swachh Bharat”.

(Cleanliness in every Household and in the village as a whole)

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